Selection and Recruitment Process

The selection and recruitment process is managed by recruitment teams, one for each project, and divided into a number of steps.

  1. Formal assessment of basic requirements. Those who are not qualified for admission as PhD candidates (i.e. do not fulfill basic requirements) and/or failed to upload all documents required will be notified within two weeks of the final application date that they are no longer considered in the application process
  2. Primary selection of candidates. The recruitment team which consists of representatives from University of Borås, Jönköping University and the company, selects the candidates that they find most suitable for the position – regardless of how the candidate has ranked the projects in accordance with interest.
  3. Interviews. Candidates considered for the positions will be called to an interview during 28 May – 8 June that is held by the recruitment team.
  4. Secondary selection. Since the projects and the recruitment teams are different, some projects will also require a separate second selection. This secondary selection might include an academic proficiency test or a second interview.
  5. Final selection. Based on the outcome of the recruitment team assessment and the ranking of projects made by the candidates themselves the INSiDR management team will set up a suggestion to the companies in the project and Research Faculty Board at Jönköping International Business School, who makes the final decision.
  6. Employment. When the recruitment team and the candidate have come to an agreement, the employment process will begin for the candidates that will be employed by the partner companies. This process will be handled by the company
  7. Admission. Not until you are admitted to the PhD program in September is the employment valid.