Anna-Maria Petisme

Project Description

Research question:

With all the knowledge and information available regarding the return problem, how come Swedish fashion e-retailers still do not manage product returns more sustainably?


I aim to understand the balancing of divergent perspectives on a complex and multifaceted issue within organizations, when internal stakeholders perspectives may differ.  

The background to my research is the seemingly incomprehensible strategic choices of product returns in fashion e-retail in Sweden today. The return rate among fashion e-retailers is between 40-60% (Cullinane & Cullinane, 2021), and research shows that product returns erodes companies’ profitability  (Frei, 2020) and have negative impact on the environment (Cullinane, 2018; Niinimäki, 2020).

Doktorander och företag i samarbete kring e-handelns utmaning

Thesis Project Team

Anna-Maria Petisme

PhD Student

Master of Science in Business Administration

Tomas Müllern


Jönköping University

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Firouze Hilmersson Pourmand


University of Borås

Sara Hjelm Lidholm


University of Borås