Anna-Maria Petisme

Project Description

Research question:

With all the knowledge and information available regarding the return problem, how come Swedish fashion e-retailers still do not manage product returns more sustainably?


I aim to understand the balancing of divergent perspectives on a complex and multifaceted issue within organizations, when internal stakeholders perspectives may differ.  

The background to my research is the seemingly incomprehensible strategic choices of product returns in fashion e-retail in Sweden today. The return rate among fashion e-retailers is between 40-60% (Cullinane & Cullinane, 2021), and research shows that product returns erodes companies’ profitability  (Frei, 2020) and have negative impact on the environment (Cullinane, 2018; Niinimäki, 2020).

Doktorander och företag i samarbete kring e-handelns utmaning

Thesis Project Team

Anna-Maria Petisme

PhD Student

Master of Science in Business Administration

Tomas Müllern


Jönköping University

Dr. Regina Frei

Regina Frei


University of Southampton

Firouze Hilmersson Pourmand

Firouze Hilmersson Pourmand


University of Borås