Odyssey AB – Patrik Stoopendahl

Patrik Stoopendahl, INSiDR PhD
Photo: Odyssey

Master of Science in Business and Organizational Anthropology
Contact: patrik.stoopendahl@hb.se
Supervisor: Malin Sundström, University of Borås
Second Supervisor : Jenny Balkow, University of Borås
Mentor: Kristina Sabelström Möller, Odyssey AB

Patrik Stoopendahl at ResearchGate
Patrik Stoopendahl at Odyssey

Project Description

The PhD project will focus on the consumer era and digital technologies as an enabler for new services and business models. Research might be undertaken in separate projects such as: chat bots, voice recognition, 5G connectivity, digital devices and customer decision-making. An important objective is to elaborate on how big data and consumer insights can be utilized in business models and new services to optimize sales across different channels, and at the same time increase customer satisfaction.


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