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Project description

This PhD project, focusing on fashion retail, highlights two of the increasingly important questions in management teams today:

1) How can companies be relevant for their customers in every step of the customer journey?
2) How can companies connect with their customers on a new level through enhancing the customer experience?

Personalisation has in previous research been identified as one of several enablers in the creation of relevance and great customer experiences, but the research has so far been relatively narrow and focused on product recommendations and pricing connected to e-commerce. Digitalisation is in some ways changing the purpose of physical stores and many of them are transforming into becoming more than just a place where consumers go to buy products. As consumers are constantly moving between different channels, it’s important to redefine and widen the concept of personalisation. With this as a background, this project will look closer into personalisation as a driver of value from both a business and a consumer perspective.

This project is a collaboration between Gina Tricot AB and Frankenius Equity AB

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Thesis Project Team

Renée Säverot

PhD Student

Master of Science in Business and Economics with a major in Business Administration

Helene Kry

Company Mentor

Gina Tricot AB

Adele Berndt


Jönköping University

Firouze Pourmand Hilmersson


University of Borås

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