Viskan System AB – Dirar Sweidan

Fotograf: Suss Wilén

Master of Science with a major on Computer Science and Engineering Specialisation: Embedded and Intelligent Systems
Supervisor: Håkan Sundell, University of Borås
Second Supervisor : Anders Gidenstam, University of Borås
Mentor: Linus Brimstedt, Viskan System AB

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Project Description

Whenever data exist, we as data scientists or researchers have opportunities to find new ways of exploring and gathering new knowledge from it. When we talk about Bigdata which having complexity, scalability, and diversity, we generally mention what could be related to the industrial e-commerce context and what issues can be solved.

The Ph.D. research undertakes several aspects that nowadays are highly demanded in the digital retailing industry e.g. generating recommendations or making product return analysis etc… We believe that employing artificial intelligence and machine learning in this domain is capable to find new solutions, such as improved or totally new methods or algorithms which make a huge difference in production, and therefore increase both companies’ outcome and end-user satisfaction. Such a project is not just to be only an illustration of technical prowess but also demonstrates academic qualities and contributes to knowledge someway.


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