Pulsen Retail – Anna-Maria Petisme

Anna-Maria Petisme.
Photo: Pulsen

Master of Science in Business Administration
Contact: annamaria.petisme@pulsen.se
Supervisor: Tomas Müllern, Jönköping University
Second Supervisor : Sara Hjelm Lidholm, University of Borås
Mentor: Andreas Thorén, Pulsen Retail AB

Doktorander och företag i samarbete kring e-handelns utmaning

Project Description

The PhD project is a part of Pulsen Retail’s strategic plan for research and development of new and future business models and business systems in retail. In this project, the work will focus on developing both knowledge and understanding of the challenges facing the retail industry. You will work together with Pulsen Retail and thereby be able to develop, test and evaluate different ideas in cooperation with expertise within retail, and thus contribute to development of new insights within both the research field and business practice.


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