Pulsen Retail – Anna-Maria Petisme

Anna-Maria Petisme.
Photo: Pulsen

Master of Science in Business Administration
Contact: annamaria.petisme@pulsen.se
Supervisor: Tomas Müllern, Jönköping University
Second Supervisor : Sara Hjelm Lidholm, University of Borås
Mentor: Andreas Thorén, Pulsen Retail AB

Doktorander och företag i samarbete kring e-handelns utmaning

Project Description

My project ”Reducing superfluous returns – creating a sustainable e-business”is about exploring opportunities to reduce returns in the Swedish fashion industry’s e-commerce.

There is a growing problem with the increasing returns in the Swedish e-retail business and I will investigatehow this affect the sustainability of the companies and if it is possible to implement new digital technologythat can and reduce the number of returns.

Today the return rates are 22% of all clothes that is bought online in Sweden but the numbers vary between 18-60%. This high rate of returns may affect companies’ profitability and thus sustainability. Transporting goods back and forth is not only costly for companies but also for the environment. I want to investigate if and how we can reduce the number of returns and thus also reduce the negative environmental impact.


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