Pulsen Retail – Project description

Position as Industrial PhD student in Business Administration with a specialization in business development within the retail industry

Pulsen Retail, a part of the Pulsen Group, specializes in serving clients within the retail sector with business and IT services, helping retail companies to grow and prosper. Pulsen Retail has a unique quality, and stands out from other service providers, by having a high expertise both in the retail and in IT industries. Pulsen Retail Business Services provides clients with invaluable expertise in matters like change management, supply chain management, logistics, sales, and expansion strategies, while Pulsen Retail IT Services provides modern and scalable SaaS solutions for unified commerce.

As an industrial graduate student in INSiDR you will be employed by Pulsen Retail. In addition, you will be admitted to the PhD study programme in business administration at Jönköping University.

Project description

During the five years of PhD education, you will spend 80% of your working time on dissertation work, such as:

  • Planning and conducting research work
  • Analysing, writing and publishing scientific papers in high quality journals
  • Participating in research level courses
  • Participating in national and international conferences and workshops
  • Organizing and writing the PhD thesis

The PhD project that you will undertake is part of Pulsen Retail’s strategic plan for research and development of new and future business models and business systems in retail. In this project, the work will focus on developing both knowledge and understanding of the challenges facing the retail industry. You will work together with Pulsen Retail and thereby be able to develop, test and evaluate different ideas in cooperation with expertise within retail, and thus contribute to development of new insights within both the research field and business practice. The expected outcome of the project is a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of future retail, giving new perspectives on retail, which will create new opportunities for Pulsen Retail’s development of business models and systems. This development will ultimately benefit the businesses that are customers of Pulsen Retail.

The remaining 20% of your time will be spent on work at Pulsen Retail, related to your PhD project, where the following tasks are included:

  • Take part in research and development work at Pulsen Retail
  • Implementation and development of business models
  • Implementation and communication of new knowledge into activities at Pulsen Retail


The core formal qualifications needed for the position are to fulfil the requirements for admission to doctoral studies at Jönköping International Business School. These requirements consists of passed examination at advanced (masters/second) level and fulfilled course requirements of at least 240 credit points (ECTS credits), 60 of which should be at advanced level, or equivalent competences acquired in some other way within or outside of Sweden. Requirements also include a Bachelor degree, consisting of at least 90 credit points (ECTS credits, 3 terms) in a relevant subject area for the position. The doctoral programmes at JIBS are conducted in English. The applicant must show proof of fluency in English, both written and spoken. Please note that a Swedish 1-year master (magister) degree in a relevant subject is sufficient, provided that it also includes a bachelor degree diploma.

For this PhD project, we are looking for candidates with a background in business administration with focus on logistics, management or marketing, and with a strong interest in retail and IT.

In addition, it is desirable that the candidate is well acquainted with the challenges within the retail industry and previous work experience within the industry is a plus. We would like an entrepreneurial candidate, who is curious, creative and ready to take on a new challenge. An international profile is desirable, and Swedish language skills are a merit, but not necessary. Pulsen Retail appreciates the benefits of diversity in the working environment, regarding both gender and age, as well as ethnicity and cultural background.

Terms of Employment

The PhD position entails full-time employment at Pulsen Retail AB, with an initial 2-year fixed-term contract, which will be converted to a permanent position, subject to sufficient progress of the PhD studies. In total, the PhD study time is limited to a maximum of five years.

As an industrial graduate student in INSiDR you will be required to attend PhD courses and workshops at both University of Borås and Jönköping University, in addition to your daily work at Pulsen Retail, Borås.

Starting date: September 2018

Application and selection procedure

Application is open until May 27th.

Applications to the PhD project, and the associated position at Pulsen Retail, should be uploaded via the application form


For questions about the PhD project, please contact either the academic supervisor, or Pulsen Retail.

Supervisor contact: Sara Hjelm Lidholm, Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Administration and Textile Management, University of Borås, sara.hjelm_lidholm@hb.se

Pulsen Retail contact: Mika Vikman, CEO, Pulsen Retail,

For questions about INSiDR or the PhD studies, please contact:
Jenny Balkow, INSiDR Director of School, University of Borås,
, +46 70 191 48 19
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