Industrial Council

The Industrial Council consists of representatives from companies in the retailing business and is responsible for developing structures for knowledge dissemination within and between participating companies, and the retail sector in general. The Industrial Council also pursues opportunities for further research co-operation.

Included in the Industrial Council are:

  • Magnus Axelsson, Mathias Ekström
    Ellos Group
  • Erik Hedlund, David Köröndi
    ETON Retail
  • Helene Kry, Joachim Modigh
    Gina Tricot
  • Jan Fång, George Grönwald
    Hall Media
  • Christer Sjökvist, Tobias Sjöqvist
  • Petter Johansson, Stefano Crozzoli
    Pulsen Retail
  • Serkan Selcuk, Kristian Iveling
    Viskans System